It is normal to feel anxious about staying in hospital, which is why you have the entire healthcare team of the Alliance Care Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital focused on your safety, comfort, and well-being. Good communication is essential to your recovery, and your partnership is this is key.


As a patient, you will generally be referred to us by your Specialist Doctor. If you are an already admitted patient at another hospital, your transfer will be arranged between our hospital and the transferring hospital. If you are being admitted from the community, you will be required to contact Alliance Care Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital on (031) 569 3808 / 3800 and to speak with one of our Senior Case Managers to discuss your admission and costs.

Once you are admitted, your care will be managed by an inter-disciplinary team of Medical Specialist Doctors, Nursing Staff, Allied Health Professionals, and Case Managers.


Our visiting hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays:
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm 

Unfortunately, we do not permit children under the age of 13 to visit patients in their ward, but arrangements can be made for them to visit a patient away from the ward. This, though, is done at the discretion of the Hospital Manager or Nurse-in-Charge.

Our primary responsibility to our patients is to ensure they receive effective and timely treatment and rehabilitation, so while we encourage families and friends to visit them regularly, as this can often aid in their care and rehabilitation, we are committed to strictly enforcing visiting hours to ensure we can provide our patients with the level of care they need.

32 Columbine Pl, Glen Anil
Durban, KZN, 4051

Phone: 031 569 3800
Fax: 086 537 6607